Can Women Do Comedy Impressions?

Comedians Rachel Butera and Jason Scoop stopped by "AOL BUILD" to discuss their new show, "First Impressions." The 30-minute USA Network TV Series is essentially a battle of celebrity impressions. Dana Carvey and Freddie Prinze Jr. also star. Rachel Butera had a very insightful response to the question: "Why do you think so few women do impressions?" which inspired the below "Women in Comedy" study.

"Why do you think so few women do impressions?"

"I would love a study to be done to see if they can't do them ... I just really don't think that they've been guided towards comedy as much as men... which is why I don't see as many women, in general, doing it. I'd love to know if it's a thing that comes as naturally to women as men or if it's just a cultural thing. I really don't know."

- Rachel Butera, Comedian/Impressionist/Woman

Why Don't More Women do Impressions?
impressions require making yourself ugly
women aren't guided toward comedy
it comes more naturally to men
women aren't funny
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