Can Wonder Woman Save Us From Donald Trump?

Soon sounds of cheers will be heard for miles as women and girls swarm to movie theaters to see the new Wonder Woman movie. It is not just because they have waited far too long for this particular super hero to have her day on the silver screen (though they have), but also because her timing could not be more perfect. Wonder Woman is a warrior for justice fighting against ignorance and fascism. Truth is, we need her now more than ever.

In a world where women’s rights are under attack, and even support for child care is being slashed, women are searching for a way to make sense of the world and finding ways to fight back. Who will save us from this villain? Who will lead the fight against tyranny? Who will help us dodge and deflect the daily barrage of bullets attacking our civil liberties? Wonder Woman, that’s who!

“If it means interfering in an ensconced, outdated system, to help just one woman, man, or child...I’m willing to accept the consequences.” - DC’s Wonder Woman, #167

It seems fitting that a super hero who first fought Nazis and fascism in the 1930s would emerge now during this dark time in American history. In the original comic books, Wonder Woman battled dictators; saved women from domestic violence; fought off sexual predators; and championed freedom and democracy. Goddess knows what she could discover if she could wrap Donald Trump up in her Lasso of Truth. (We might not even need a special prosecutor).

“This is the Golden Lasso. It carries with it the power to compel people to tell the truth. Use it well, and with compassion.” - Queen Hippolyte (played by Cloris Leachman in the TV pilot)

Since November 8th, we have felt a few things keenly. 1) Helplessness. We are struggling to make sense of a world that would elect an ignorant, racist, sexist, millionaire as President. Every day his lies and betrayals to democracy pile up and we don’t seem to have any recourse. 2) Terror. We are scared to see immigrant families being unfairly targeted and our civil liberties stripped away. We are afraid to look at our phones to see the breaking news of the day for fear that today’s news will be even more unbelievable and terrible than the day before. 3) Anger. We are furious that this inexperienced and evil man has been put in a position of power and that every day he threatens the health of our democracy and the futures of our children.

And so YEAH we are desperate for a hero. But not just any hero. She must be smart and strong and have integrity. She must be fearless and tough as nails. She must have the ability to confront ignorant and evil men and when she does she must be victorious. Next week, when women watch Wonder Woman punch and kick and slash evil with her mighty sword you can trust they will have a very real villain in mind.

From Hillary Clinton and Senator Maxine Waters to the “persistent” Elizabeth Warren and Sally Yates we have taken to twitter to celebrate real life sheroes who are standing up to fascism in our own country.

Next week, when we go to the movie theater to see the premiere of “Wonder Woman” we will be reminded of our power. Pantsuit Nation will be able to point to the screen and show our daughters and sons that women indeed can be strong and smart and victorious. That good can overcome evil. That freedom and democracy will prevail. And then when we leave the theater we better suit up. Because for this world to change, we need to all be wonder woman. Each of us, every day. We need to call our legislators and rally in the streets and run for office and speak truth and fight for equality and justice. Wonder Woman, your timing could not be better. We eagerly await your premiere.

Go in peace my daughter. And remember that in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.” - Queen Hippolyte