Can WWE Survive With Mass Injury List?

If you are a fan of Vince McMahon's iconic World Wrestling Entertainment company, you are no stranger to the uneasiness WWE currently faces with such a mass list of injuries. Sure, WWE has seen a number of injuries in the past, but never has the company been faced with the injuries of so many main event stars at one time, including it's most recent injury putting their champion Seth Rollins on the sidelines for almost a year.

Rollins is not the only superstar that has devastated the WWE Universe with his injury, but earlier this year, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro both suffered major injuries they have yet to be cleared from, and most recently, we were shell shocked by the news that Randy Orton would be missing the next year due to a shoulder injury. All these injuries occurring simultaneously with the recent wrestling break of WWE's most famous current superstar, John Cena.

During a recent WWE Live show at the Fayetteville's Crown Coliseum Complex. The WWE universe saw first hand how WWE was managing the mass lists of injuries. Several matches included NXT superstars and tag teams that we would have never imagined teaming up together suddenly forced to come together to bring some excitement to their shows due to a lack of main event stars. All of the true WWE fans continued to support the stars as they still presented an action packed show, but it left many wondering just how will the WWE survive with so many injuries.

As we approach Wrestlemania season, it will be interesting to see who WWE will bring back or who they will "push" (a term commonly used in the wrestling word in exchange for promote) to the main event to conquer the title from WWE's newest and shocking champion, Sheamus.