Can You Go To A Steakhouse And Order A Completely Raw Steak?

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Believe it or not, there are some people in there who don't prefer their steak medium rare, or even rare... they prefer it raw. As in, cold, uncooked, completely raw. We're not passing judgment, and thankfully we live in a time when a high-quality piece of beef won't make you sick if you eat it raw (just think about carpaccio and tartare). But if you wanted to order a completely raw steak at your favorite steakhouse, would the kitchen allow it?

As usual, the good folks on Quora are here with an answer. In short: Yes, most steakhouses will grant your request. High-end restaurants tend to want to go above and beyond the call of duty, granting any request (within reason), and they're proud enough of their steaks to serve them raw. At certain restaurants, the kitchen may not be comfortable serving a raw steak because they can't guarantee it won't make you sick; we wouldn't recommend ordering a steak at these restaurants to begin with.

So if you want to eat a raw steak, make sure you are at a very high-end steakhouse. Then try your hand at ordering your steak completely raw. You might get a couple strange looks from the server, but don't be afraid to crack a joke: "Just ask the chef to show the meat a picture of fire," or something along those lines. Heck, the chef himself might even come out to make sure of what you're asking for. But if they won't do it, don't press the issue; as mentioned, that's probably because they can't vouch for the steak's quality and cleanliness, and there's a chance it might make you sick.

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