Can You Guess Which Of These 5 Women Is A Lesbian Based On Just Their Voices?

"I do not look like Justin Bieber."

Is there really something in our voices that can clue others in to our sexuality?

On the heels of the recent hit film, "Do I Sound Gay?," filmmaker Taylor Barrett decided to test the public by organizing a hilarious social experiment with five of her friends. Barrett pulled people off the street, telling them that one of her friends is a lesbian, and then asked the bystanders to guess which of the five is queer based on the sound of their voices.

The group of women recite a slew of phrases, including "My favorite store is Home Depot," "There is cat hair on my vibrator" and "I have a telepathic relationship with my ex-girlfriend."

The kicker? All five of the friends identify as lesbians. However, the experiment itself is extremely revealing about what the public decides are patently lesbian characteristics and how they aim to inscribe these traits on individuals based on their voices.

Check it out for yourself above.

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