Can You Really Have Effortless Success?

For the past few decades women have been caught up in the grind. Climbing the corporate ladder or starting their own business, whilst simultaneously running households, maintaining relationships, being mothers, keeping fit and having a social life.

Women are multi-taskers by nature, so often they really believe that to get ahead they need to hustle. The problem with this is that the world doesn't needs more women in "Beastmode". The world needs women being the purest expression of who they are. Leading by taking powerful inspired action with grace, ease, connection and love.

Women who can be a powerful example of the union between masculine and feminine energy, which the world so desperately needs.

There is a new paradigm of operating for a woman which can allow them to have "effortLESS" success. This doesn't mean sitting around doing nothing. It means taking action from a state of being that is connected to their truth.

To achieve more effortLESS success you must:

Release the belief that you must work hard for success

Many people have an underlying belief that tells them that anything they want they have to work hard for. They may even have the experience to prove this. People who are in "beastmode" tend to think that the "flow" state of being is passive and without action, so they believe that there is hustle and then there is flow. To understand the true meaning of "effortless success" we have to understand that a flow state is when the body and mind are aligned with spirit.

There can be action when in the flow, but the action comes from a state of being rather than a belief held in the mind.

There are plenty of people who have worked in beastmode and gained great success, but at what cost? At some point many people will experience the consequences of working in this way and it is not sustainable. When you are in a state of effortlessness your body is more relaxed, you have more energy and when you take inspired action from this state of being you will draw in more of what you want without the consequences.

Stop trying to chase the outcome.

True success is not about striving towards goals that are in the future but rather a state of being that you are embodying NOW!

Many women do business like they do sex. The tense up and contract when they are close to their desired result (their orgasm) because they are grabbing and chasing what they want. They think this is perfectly natural but when you stop trying to grab the result and keep surrendering, allowing and relaxing while continuing to move towards the goal, you will experience pleasure along the way and also reach a much higher level of satisfaction with what you have achieved as the end result!

I recently had an opportunity come to me out of the blue with no apparent effort to bring it in. I had taken the morning off after feeling overwhelmed. I was lying in bed and saw an email come through asking me if I'd like to become a writer for their publication. I had not even reached out to them at any stage and had no idea how they found me. This felt like effortless success! The truth is that I had still put some action in to get to this point. I was consistent for years with my blog and had written for other publications, so I had done "the work" but in my state of rest, I had relaxed the "work" muscle, which allowed the opportunity to come to me without chasing it.

It's not what you are doing that matters the most, it is who you are being

When you are not connected to the the truth of your highest self you have to jump into doing mode to compensate for who you are not being, to get the results that you really desire.

When you do bigger things you need to be bigger. This means being in alignment with source and your own truth so that your goals are not a place you are striving towards in the future, but rather a state of being that you are embodying NOW!

Resisting your true self and your hearts desires by following your head and logic creates the energy of effort, which can cause a lot of resistance, making it hard to achieve the level of success you want.

The easiest way to be bigger is to regularly check in with yourself and choose the highest good for you. Stop people pleasing. Stop saying yes when you want to say no. Stop choosing fear and your thoughts of lack. Stop putting everyone first and not taking care of yourself. Stop suppressing your feelings and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. Have integrity for your soul and keep high standards for your life. Do not budge on your standards!

Follow your inspiration

Inspiration is a formless expression of spirit, it has a faster vibration than motivation (which speaks into someones ego). When you feel inspired you don't need motivation because you are unstoppable! You have more energy to go longer and do more. You also inspire others when you are inspired. When you are working from inspiration you are in the zone of effortless success.

Lack of inspiration can be a common block for many people. if you are feeling uninspired or in a state of overwhelm, the first thing to do is slow down, connect back into self and to how you are feeling. The route of inspiration comes through the truth of your moment. When you can feel the emotion in the moment and allow yourself to really honour it and let if flow, the contracted energy gets transmitted back to the energy of inspiration and creation.

Step into your knowing and speak your truth

Stop playing small and hiding yourself for fear of your own power. You have the infinite intelligence of the divine inside of you and you already know the answers. Speak what is on your heart, live your life from the truth of what you heart aligns with. Stop living in fear of your own knowingness!

When you are hiding and living in fear you are creating effort. The energy is contracted and causes resistance so you have to work harder. You are also adding time to your success because you have created blocks which get in the way of your success so it will be a more difficult path to get to. When you are honest, authentic and vulnerable with your hearts truths you create the space of ease and grace which will lead to more effortless success.

Let go of the need to hustle and allow yourself to experience success through ease, grace, connection, inspired action and love.

Would you love to learn more about how to merge Hustle with Flow to have effortLess success? Lyn Mac from Fit Soul Secrets has partnered up with her mentor/coach and spiritual teacher to create a free video series on Hustle Meets Flow. You can watch the video series HERE