Can You Own Your Finances and Still Wear a Nice Luxury Watch?

Can You Own Your Finances and Still Wear a Nice Luxury Watch?
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Luxury and financial stability hardly ever seem to go hand in hand. When you’re trying to get your finances in order, the concept of ‘treating yourself’ is often frowned upon.

In all honesty, that’s no real way to live. Money is just a tool you can use to live your best life. The reason why you gain control over your money and improve your finances is so you can spend it on your value whether that includes saving up for a rainy day, treating yourself to something nice, or often times both if that’s what you truly value.

Living based on your values is much better than living in fear of spending your hard-earned money on the things you love.

Being in a good place with your finances means you can plan a trip if you want to travel or purchase that luxury item you’ve had your eye on.

As long as you can comfortably afford it, why not enjoy that freedom and financial flexibility?

When it comes to luxury watches, there are many watch enthusiasts who are willing to save up hundreds or thousands just to be able to afford the watch they love.

The only downside of purchasing luxury items could be when the quality and/or pricing doesn’t add up. Most people are okay with spending a little more money on items they truly love, but what if you were actually getting ripped off when you bought luxury items?

With Filippo Loreti watches, you can definitely have your cake and eat it too when it comes to owning a sophisticated luxury watch for an affordable price.

A New Ecommerce Trend For Luxury, High-Quality Items

Filippo Loreti watches provide both men and women with a unique opportunity to own a quality luxury watch regardless of their budget.

The company does this by cutting out the ‘middle man’, thereby preventing the need to mark up prices on the actual product. Luxury watches can easily cost thousands of dollars and while some of the cost is associated with manufacturing the product, a large reasoning behind the expensive price is that retailers tend to mark up pricing in order to make a large profit.

Filippo Loreti on the other hand, provides luxury watches from their different collections at reasonable prices starting at $249 without skimping on quality. By manufacturing and selling the watches themselves, it revolutionizes the ecommerce process surrounding luxury watches because consumers no longer have to settle for overpriced costs for their favorite luxury watches.

DollarShaveClub is another company that has been successful in doing this. They sell their own high-quality razors for a third of the retail price through a monthly subscription program.

Receiving the quality (and dare I say, luxury) products you need and love at a more affordable price can do wonders for your wallet because it won’t set you back by much financially. You’ll save a significant amount of money that you can put toward other expenses and financial goals.

You may not notice, but big brands like Walmart and Whole Foods do this all the time by selling their own version of products at discounted rates. It’s not so easy to gain recognition for newer, lesser known brands, but that isn’t stopping companies like Filippo Loreti from stepping out and growing this trend.

Filippo Loreti made Kickstarter history by becoming the most funded watch ever on the site and thus gaining a ton of initial support for the brand. Last year, the campaign successful campaign was backed by 18,550 people who helped raise €4,809,548 in order to start production.

Their watches are intended for those who enjoy the finer things in life as most of the collections are inspired by iconic destinations like Venice, Rome and Milan.

Why Consider a Luxury Watch?

There are quite a few reasons why you might consider purchasing a luxury watch. As the name suggests, it’s a luxury, but if you have the need or desire to own a watch it’s most likely well justified by one or more of these reasonings.

Quality: Luxury watches tend to be high quality. They are made with the best materials making them far superior to the standard edition. Filippo Loreti uses premium quality Italian leather for the straps on their watches and includes a 10-year warranty on their products. This level of quality and extra attention to detail allows luxury watches to last much longer so you’ll end up getting more bang for your buck.

Exclusive: Luxury watches are sophisticated and exclusive. If you don’t like having the exact same items as everyone else, you’ll love this! They make a great gift for a loved one who enjoys and appreciates unique items. Some brands like Filippo Loreti make limited edition products to maintain exclusivity.

Great Design: Finally, the sleek and superior design of a luxury watch is sure to capture your attention especially if you like the look of nice things. Filippo Loreti has three main watch collections that all show off impeccable design qualities.

  • Venice – multifunctional watch, day and night indicator, sophisticated.
  • Rome – dress watches.
  • Milano – complex watches. Distinctive design & embossed.

Can You Be Financially Savvy and Still Own a Luxury Watch?

So to answer the big underlying question - is it okay to own a luxury watch and still properly manage your finances?

There certainly is as long as you have your priorities together. Get clear on your values and what you find most important. Be honest with yourself as well and realize that your values will differ from what everyone else values.

Set clear financial goals. Work hard, pay your bills, meet those financial goals. Then, set aside money for play and other values. If you have a taste of luxury, search for companies that will meet your needs while still giving your a good deal like Filippo Loreti, for example.

Avid watch enthusiasts and collectors will love Filippo Loreti’s collections and price points. Even if you’re just looking for a great anniversary gift for your spouse or a graduation gift for a friend, these products are also still a great option.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then too.

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