Camouflage Cat Naps In Plain Sight

Here kitty-kitty. Here kitty-kitty. Where are you?

 Cats spend more than 14 hours a day asleep, on average. Some snooze for as many as 19 hours.

That’s a few hours more than you or I likely get ― especially if you’re among the one-third of U.S. adults who don’t get the seven to nine hours of sleep recommended for adults.

So it’s no wonder that felines know a thing or two about catching their zs.

And since cats by nature stay awake at night and opt for short and long naps during the day, it’s no surprise either that the kitty in this Reddit post knows where to go to escape any would-be nap-disrupters.

Yes, look very closely at the stack of logs in this Reddit photo. One of those logs is not what it seems.

Can you spot the napping cat? 

If not, watch all the way to the end to see where the cat is hiding.

Sarah DiGiulio is The Huffington Post’s sleep reporter. You can contact her at



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