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Can You Stop Yourself From Sweating?

Can You Stop Yourself From Sweating?
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Gym classes, public speaking and confrontation are just a few things that can make a person hot under the collar but what if you find yourself sweating at inappropriate times for example when you are at work or on a date? Excessive sweating is a problem for many people, in fact over 8 million Americans suffer from Hyperhidrosis so aside from shying away from every day activities, how can you put perspiring in the past?

So What Exactly is Hyperhidrosis?

Sweating in stressful situations or while working out at the gym is absolutely normal but if you find that you are excessively sweating around the clock, your sweat glands could be overactive. Hyperhidrosis tends to focus on areas such as the palms, feet, forehead and underarms as well as the trunk of the body. This condition can cause embarrassment in everyday situations for example when shaking hands with a new acquaintance, raising a hand in class or it can cause general discomfort due to damp clothing. So what can you do to stop yourself sweating and prevent Hyperhidrosis from having a negative impact on your life?

You're Using an Ineffective Antiperspirant

The first line of defence when preventing sweat is a high quality antiperspirant. Not all antiperspirant is equal and if you find you are sweating excessively, it could be your deodorant that is to blame. Some antiperspirants have a higher concentration of ingredients and as a result work harder to prevent sweat. With roll-ons, sprays, liquids, gels and creams, there are plenty of options when it comes to deodorants but finding the right one for you is often about trial and error. Some of the most effective products contain aluminium chloride so make sure the product you pick contains this key ingredient.

You're Eating too Many Spicy Foods

If excessive sweating is a problem, it is easy to focus only on physical aspects of your body and ignore other aspects of your lifestyle. The things you eat over the course of the day can stimulate your sweat glands especially if you eat a lot of spicy foods or drink a lot of caffeine. Therefore, one of the first steps to sweating less is to turn your attention to your diet.

You Haven't Considered All of the Options

According to Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, a dermatologist and the director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami, how much we sweat can be put down to genetics. If you've tried every antiperspirant under the sun with no luck, there is one more option to consider. Did you know that Botox could provide a cure to excessive sweating? The 1998 study by Dr. R. G. Glogau suggests that Botox could in fact be a safe and reliable treatment for Hyperhidrosis.

Dr. Jerome Edelstein one of Canada's leading breast and body contouring plastic surgeons says: "BOTOX® is formulated with botulinum toxin, a substance that is able to interfere with the transmission of signals sent to glands and muscles. Because Hyperhidrosis sufferers are afflicted by overactive sweat glands, BOTOX® is able to provide relief by interrupting the processes that cause those glands to secrete more sweat than they should. When this process is interrupted, excess sweating is significantly reduced."

Is Hyperhidrosis getting in the way of your everyday life? Could you benefit from Hyperhidrosis treatment?