Can You Tell When You Are Off Balance?

"What does being off balance look like for you?"

That's a question my coach asked me last week.

Goooood question.

The benefits of knowing what it looks like is being able to nip it in the bud and prevent a snowball of fatigue, negativity and self doubt or a frantic scramble of activity before burning out and retreating from the world and getting stuck in a funk.

So. How do you figure out if you are off balance?

(Especially if you don't have an awesome coach to keep you in check.)

Begin at the end.

How do you look at your worst?

As someone who takes pride in their appearance, if you see me in a hoodie and leggings not on the weekend, something is off. And if my hair has been randomly clipped on top of my head? Stand back and just throw chocolate in my general direction.

I get snappy, crave carbs, sleepy but unable to sleep. I feel rushed, stressed and I make a million lists and a list of all my lists which I clutch to my chest whilst walking in circles unable to decide which task to do first. I turn into an absolute control freak. Just ask my kids!

So that's my worst. Next question: What happens before that?

Maybe you are more aware of what you don't have, what you haven't achieved. Maybe routines have gone out the window or you said yes when you meant no. Whatever it is, something is not right.

Before that...

Maybe you skipped the gym or meditation or even your favorite soap. You skipped your "me" time and now you are running low. Skipped a meal? Ignored a gut feeling?

Before that...

Any time you step on your own values by prioritizing anything above them.

Not being as available for your children as you would like.

Not fitting in ANY "me" time.

Not fulfilling your passion, whatever that may be -- drawing, singing , running, baking, whatever lights you up.

What does off balance mean to you?

What are your values? Are you living them each day?