CANADA IN PENTAGON'S CROSS HAIRS! Jonah Goldberg Breaks Astounding News

(Lords of Loud 4/16) Writing about other columnists reminds me of when O'Reilly brings on right-wing talkers or "Foxperts" (Stephanie Miller Show's Jim Ward euphemism). It's a bit like self-gratification -- without the gratification. But Jonah Goldberg is an exception, especially when he makes news. And that's exactly what he did on Sunday's CNN's Reliable Sources, on a panel with the unfreaking credible, John Aravosis of -- someone we need to see more of, at least on HBO's "Real Time." Listening (reading) Bill?

In attempting to provide trivial business as usual cover, Lucianne's son, looking more and more like mom, said that the U.S. has developed plans to attack Canada. Amazingly, it was not meant as a joke, as he said he reiterated that he "knew they have plans." That host Howard Kurtz let that one fly by without an intercepting followup deserves a followup itself.

Perhaps it was a White House or Pentagon-inspired leak meant as a first salvo to warn Canada to keep Universal Healthcare north of the border. Maybe Canada has looked into purchasing back-bacon yellowcake or their Zamboni-delivery systems are ready to release "Hockey Night in Canada" onto ESPN.

Goldberg has run his lineage and National Review connection into some sort of right-wing opinion legitimacy that far left venues like the LA Times print weekly. I still believe that the Times prints Goldberg for the same devious reason they printed David Gelertner -- not as balance but to offer right-wing inanity to prove right-wing inanity.

But while I usually don't pay that much attention to Goldberg, this Canada thing has got me going. If Canada is a danger to be reckoned with, I fear we'll be soon spreading our military so thin that we won't be able to deal with the threats from Switzerland and Monaco.

And don't get me started on Trenton.

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