Canadian Family Pretty Darn Upset At Whoever Keeps Shaving Their Cat

A Canadian family is getting fed up with whoever is shaving their pet cat.

The Yarjau family of Campbell River, British Columbia, says this has been an ongoing problem since January, when their 12-year-old pet cat, Tabby, first came home with a portion of her fur shaved.

Jo Jo Yarjau, 18, said that she knew something was wrong because Tabby -- not a particularly cuddly cat at the best of times -- was acting especially irritable and wouldn't eat. She told the Campbell River Mirror that there was an "almost perfect square" shaved from Tabby's coat.

family upset shaved catTabby is not impressed.

“I fold her over and it's all pink. There's no fur there," Yarjau told CTV. "The first time it was the base of her tail... and under her belly. It looks like a razor did it.”

Tabby was recently found shaved for the fifth time, and the Yarjaus are now concerned that whoever is behind the irritating prank will end up seriously hurting their cat.

"It seems to be a rougher job every time, plus she's getting cut doing it," Yarjau told CTV.

For now, it doesn't appear that police are involved.

Tabby is not the only cat in the neighborhood that's received a mystery haircut. Neighbors told the Mirror that their cat had a "perfectly shaved box" trimmed from its fur back in February or March.

tabby shavedThe Yarjaus say that someone keeps shaving a "perfect square" out of their cat's fur.

Yarjau said people on social media have suggested keeping Tabby indoors, but she said that's not acceptable.

"You can’t do that with an outside cat," she told the Mirror. "She’ll go crazy. She’s 12. You can’t just do that all of a sudden."

Experts recommend against shaving cats unless there's a medical reason for it, since it can be extremely stressful for the animal.

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