Canada Takes Over Where Obama Refused to Go

So things are heating up in the Great White North, with the three Opposition parties attempting to overthrow a right-wing government that acts like it won with the will of the majority, but only limped into power with 38% of the total vote count.

Where it gets really interesting is that this right-wing government is relying on the heated rhetoric and divisive-style of politics that Obama refused to engage in south of the border in the recent US election.

Many would say it was Obama's unwillingness to "go there" that won him the presidency.

Unfortunately, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party in Canada -- well known allies of the Republicans and George W. Bush -- are in a the fight of their political lives right now and are taking over from where Obama refused to go.

The Conservative Party's most recent press release is filled with the kind of divisive language and fear-mongering.

Here's some of the more choice quotes:

"Jack Layton and the NDP who once again peddled and outdated socialist ideology..."

"The socialist NDP..."

"...they [the BQ] continue to destroy Canada."

"... a massive new carbon tax that would strangle Canada's economy."

"... an illegitimate regime without any mandate to govern."

And from a recent letter to supporters:

"the Liberals want to seize power with only an endorsement from only the socialists and the separatists."

I know to many US readers who've been subjected to far worse language in the politcal-sphere over the years will think this is pretty soft. But it is a slippery slope and it is this type of talk that only leads to two things -- division and hate. Two things that President-elect Obama clearly stated were no longer acceptable in American politics.

Seems like Harper and the Conservatives are looking to pick up the slack. Maybe it's a play for a Fox News affiliate.

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