Laid Off Canadian Target Employees Embrace 'Closing Time' With Bittersweet Music Video

Target Canada closed every last one of the chain's department stores on Sunday, but not before six employees in Victoria, British Columbia, sent theirs off with a proper farewell.

The workers -- still wearing their red Target shirts -- made a music video as the store packed up its last items, playing a cover of Semisonic's "Closing Time" while seated on a dolly being dutifully, purposefully, pulled through the barren aisles.

“We poured our heart into our final goodbye through song, to a job we loved, and a building that contains so many great memories,” drummer Evan Holbein wrote in a comment accompanying the video on Facebook.

According to the video's YouTube description, the final product was shot in one take, with no practice, and "lots of improvisation." In addition to Holbein on the drums rhythmic shopping basket, other band members included Liam McDonald on vocals and Kyle Vanderberg on guitar. Liam Kelly and Brady Zomer pulled the cart, and Eric Deibert caught the whole thing on video.

Reached for comment by the Star Tribune, Semisonic's actual drummer, Jacob Slichter, said he found the cover to be "really powerful; that slow walk through the empty store and the sounds of things being loaded in the background."

"I really hope these guys find jobs,” Slichter added.



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