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Daniel Mark Ogloff, Canadian Teacher, Suspended After Placing 'I'm Gay' Sticker On Student's back


A Canadian high school teacher saw his teacher license suspended after placing a piece of masking tape printed with the words "I'm gay" on a 11th grade student's back.

Daniel Mark Ogloff, a metal and machine shop teacher at Aldergrove Community Secondary School in Langley, British Columbia, served an unpaid 10-week suspension in 2013 and was stripped of his teaching certificate for two weeks at the start of this school year for the prank, which took place last September, according to The Province.

The publication cites a report from school officials, which said that Ogloff had "acted unprofessionally, disrespectfully and without regard for students’ physical and emotional safety."

After Ogloff placed the tape on the student's back, he then "gestured 'shhh' to the students," and "pointed at another student and mouthed words to the effect, ‘It was him.’”

Meanwhile, other students were laughing and taking photos.

It wasn't the first incident over which Ogloff had been warned for his behavior, having earlier received verbal warning over comments he made to seventh grade students, followed by a letter over remarks made to a twelfth grader in class, according to CBC News.

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