Turns Out Canada Has The Cutest Word For Sweatshirts

You'll want to borrow their term.

Our friends in Canada have many regional words and phrases that may amuse Americans: For example, a knit hat is known as a toque in most areas, and flip flops often go by the name thongs.

But one province has a word for sweatshirts that could cause a kerfuffle, in the best way.

Data journalists at The 10 and 3 recently surveyed more than 9,500 people across Canada about regional words and phrases, then organized those words into maps that show how popular certain terms are in a given place. This particular map has us itching to visit Saskatchewan, if only to hear them say “bunnyhug” instead of “sweatshirt.”

"They really do call it a bunnyhug," according to The 10 and 3. 
"They really do call it a bunnyhug," according to The 10 and 3. 

Yup, that snuggly garment is commonly called a bunnyhug in Canada’s rugged, beautiful Saskatchewan province, CBC News has also reported. Information about the term’s origin is slim, though a 2007 article from the Regina Leader-Post says it may have come from a 1950s dance called the bunny hop, in which participants wrapped their arms around the waist of the person in front of them.


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