Canada's Justin Trudeau Talks Gender Equality and Fossil Fuels at #TWH

Trudeau's conversations at The White House (#TWH) included women in the workplace, and according to Business Insider, Trudeau and the president also talk about jobs and the development fossil fuels. To me, this high level conversation, on a topic few people are talking about, could offer a place to test a brand new high level tool that I've created.

It’s the philosopher Archimedes's LEVER for the 21st Century, and it could be a game changer for the future of fossil fuels. I'll explain more about this LEVER in a minute. But first, let me put The White House conversations into a larger context.

North America, which includes America, Canada and the Arctic Circle, is sitting on top of one of the largest deposits of oil and gas in the world. It’s an energy boom that has been building for more than 35 years. This thin slice of North America that I’m talking about encompasses a huge “empty” area that runs south from the Arctic Circle to Denver, Colorado. The boundary line then turns west toward Salt Lake City, and north again across Canada to the Arctic Circle.

In his 1980’s classic, The Nine Nations of North America, author Joel Garreau, called it this land "The Empty Quarter."

Garreau called it that back in the early 1980’s, when he was national desk editor at The Washington Post, and fielding story leads from correspondents and stringers from across America. I was one of them.

The future focus of The Empty Quarter, he predicted, would be a clash between the extractive industries and the preservationists. The Standing Rock protests, for example, or the boycott of Utah by the outdoor industry. The Empty Quarter contains of some of the world’s cleanest air, clearest waters, and widest open spaces. Many of its streams are flush with trout. The Empty Quarter is the “loophole” in the mind of anyone who can imagine that someday, a day will come when they just pack up the family and leave everything behind. Once there, it will be just as pristine as they had imagined.

This land is the imagined, pristine, sustainable future, where the preservationists run headlong into the dealmakers, the extractors, and the enforcers.

It is in this imagined future where preservationists and the topic of women in the workplace link up. In a recently released report on achieving 17 sustainable development goals (UN-SDGs) by 2030 , the United Nations UN-PRME reports that the lack of (gender) equality is a major obstacle to (achieving) sustainable development.” A major obstacle.

Gender Equality, in fact, is UN’s SDG#5. In the mind of the UN, this single goal could be the linchpin for all 17 of their sustainable development goals. Remove a linchpin, and everything around it collapses.

So here’s why I believe that in the world of dealmakers, extractors, and enforcers, this clash of values - to extract the resources - or to innovate our way to the future - could make this LEVER one of the most powerful tools of the 21st Century. Why?

It combines 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science, and a lifetime of experience, in a simple, elegant, easy-to-use tool.

Could THIS be the lever that the Greek philosopher Archimedes called for when he proclaimed: “Give me a place to stand, and a lever, and I can change the world.”

Well, I’ve got that lever. It can be put to work right now! And if you’re standing in the right place, I can show you how to use it. I can show you how to apply it to any field of human endeavor, including business, economics, politics, the environment, society, the classroom…, and even personal relationships.

What I have created is a dynamic, powerful image, shown on a single page that combines key elements from a dozen fields of science. It has been field tested with great success. It has the power to restore gender equality - that is, gender balance - in every every field of human endeavor, including business, economics, politics, the environment, the classroom..., and even personal relationships.

Could this be that “Eye of the Needle” that some say humanity must pass through to get to the “Promised Land.” Could it offer a path to a sustainable future?

If you're interested, simply ASK. It’s called the: Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Gender Equality Scale.

Alexia Parks is a futurist, an expert on gender equality, and a United Nations Mentor. She is also Founder of 10TRAITS Leadership Institute. Alexia has developed a NEW Evolutionary Model of Gender Equality and Leadership based on 10 powerful traits found in the male brain and 10 different, powerful traits found in the female brain. When placed in a dynamic synergy these traits create a NEW evolutionary model of gender equality and leadership.