Canada’s Next Big Thing - The City Of Mississauga

The 700,000+ population strong city of Mississauga is poised to be the next big Apple of Canada.

With the latest developments in the city, more specifically its push for more investments by the country into its infrastructure, Mississauga seems determined to be the driver of growth for more than its residents, positioning themselves as the key engine behind Ontario’s economy.

Indeed, both Crombie and Sousa seem adamant about investing in the city seeking "new dedicated, accountable and transparent revenue tools for municipalities to make important and lasting investments."

And it not just talk.

Investments From Canada

Specifically, Mississauga is requesting the following investments from the country:

And Mississauga is not just sitting idle while these proposals go through approval.

With ambitious redevelopment plans, such as the redevelopment of the former Imperial Oil lands, 70 Mississauga Rd. S., in Port Credit into a pedestrian-friendly, vibrant public space, Mississauga seems to have their priorities set straight for the people that they house.

That’s not to mention the additional $58 million commitment for 51 projects in Mississauga, including updates to major transit facilities, MiWay bus replacement, trail reconstruction and building new nodes to support the Advanced Transportation Management System.

Comments By Mississauga’s Mayor

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Mayor Bonnie Crombie of Missisauga had this to say about the move:

“Mississauga’s council-approved pre-budget submissions to the Trudeau government repeatedly called for increased funding to build transit and infrastructure and we are seeing the priorities of Canada’s sixth-largest city reflected in the work being undertaken by the Prime Minister and the federal government.”

With these advancements and investments in different aspects of Mississauga and the life there, it would seem that the time has come to consider Mississauga a potentially sound investment of a place to live in in the long run.

But while you decide to make the big leap, others might just be ahead of you.

Experts Weigh In About Mississauga’s Development

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Indeed, as Robert Jendrzejczak, Director of Marketing at New Street, a marketing agency specialising in the real estate market in Mississauga, points out:

"Real Estate Prices in Mississauga have more than doubled over the last decade. The average price of all homes and condos in Mississauga was $622,926 across 11582 sales throughout 2016.”

"The most affluent neighborhoods with the highest home prices in 2016 include Lorne Park, with the average home price of $1,480,161. Mineola with an average home price of $1,005,833 and Sheridan with an average home price of $961,149."

The most notable district and neighbourhood in the burgeoning Mississauga would most probably be the district of City Centre, which has seen demand for its units soar, since news of Mississauga’s new developments spread.

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When I spoke to Kris Jendrzejczak, realtor at SquareOne.Condos, one of the top authorities in the Mississauga area about the latest developments of this neighbourhood, he had this to say:

"The City Centre neighborhood is one of the most urbanized and affordable locations in Mississauga with an average home price of $323,649 in 2016. The housing mix is made up predominantly of high-rise condominiums as opposed to more suburban homes found throughout the rest of Mississauga."

"With the highest walkscore and the most affordable prices, it's no wonder that the Square One area has seen a significant increase of interest in it's condominium market,” Kris added.

“This is evident with the successful launch of M CITY Condos by Rogers Development and Urban Capital. As well as the recent influx of bidding wars, which has been more common in the low-rise market, is now the norm in the Square One Condos market which is driving prices up significantly in early 2017.”

Kris also rightly pointed out the number of enquiries that he has had since news of new developments broke out about the Mississauga infrastructure development.

A Human Touch

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While many might cite these investments as a means to commercialise Mississauga, that couldn’t be further from the picture.

In fact, it must be noted that amidst all these developments and “commercialisation”, Mississauga has made a strong point to retain an equally important aspect of living in an urbanised area - the environment.

Specifically, plans for Inspiration Lakeview and the redevelopment of the former Imperial Oil lands, 70 Mississauga Rd. S., in Port Credit are key sights where the committee of Mississauga seem determined to include essential elements of “vibrancy” and “the human touch” in.

Mississauga, A Lucrative Move?

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With famous companies like Rogers getting in on the real estate market, it’s not hard to see why this development might signify a good move for the most urbanised citizens of the country and abroad.

Indeed, amidst a more connected world, the need for infrastructure that supports not only enterprise, but the needs of its citizens is much craved for.

To this extent, Mississauga’s developments seems promising to people who are interested in both ends of the floor.

- This piece was written by John Chen from Contentrific, a Content Marketing Agency