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The Canadian Clothing Brands To Familiarize Yourself With Before You Move To Canada

If Trump wins, obv.

The latest news tells us that Donald John Trump Sr. is an orange stone's throw closer to leading our nation into a future that looks like THIS:

Thankfully, there's always Canada.

Our quiet neighbor to the north, home of free healthcare, a seven-month ski season and Vancouver, is led by self-described feminist and guy-who-knows-how-to-dress-himself Justin Trudeau. He's so stylish that People Magazine calls him "Canada's Kennedy."

Hi Justin.
Hi Justin.

So let's say you want to move to Canada. How would you dress yourself?

Here's a list of a few of the best Canadian-based brands -- and hey, even if you can't feasibly move there, you can at least dress the part.

Frank And Oak
Frank and Oak
Montreal-based Frank and Oak offer anything from tailored suits to sweats at comparably affordable prices. Their crewneck pocket T-shirt is $22.
Herschel Supply Co.
Herschel Supply Co.
You've probably heard of Herschel Supply Co., or at least have seen their backpacks. The Vancouver-based company (named after a small Canadian town) also offers a suite of suitcases. The Little America backpack, seen here in Tropical Flora, is $99.
Naked and Famous Denim
Montreal-based Naked and Famous Denim (a tongue-in-cheek name that pokes fun at society's obsession in buying expensive jeans just because a famous person tells you to) source all their denim from Japan and have styles that fit "stacked," "skinny," "super skinny," and "weird" guys, in fabrics for every niche: Here, their "gluten free organic vegan selvedge denim" is $155.
Ransom Holding Co.
Ransom Holding Co.
Vancouver-based Ransom is your answer to footwear -- for hiking, dress or casual, Ransom's got you covered. Here, clockwise from left: Rutherford, $200; Alpine, $229; Powell, $120; Alta Mid, $149.
Victoria-based Viberg (founded in 1931 by Ed Viberg) still makes boots the traditional way: brass tacks from England, insoles from Spain, outsoles from Italy. Their Service Boots above, styled by Ed in '31, are made with pit-tanned bison leather from Chicago ($710).
And if you want to dress like Justin Trudeau himself, his press secretary told HuffPost that the Prime Minister wears Samuelsohn (just as he did to the State Dinner in March -- and he doesn't have a stylist) purchased via Harry Rosen ("but made in Papineau" -- Trudeau's district).