Here Are Some Canadian Police Officers Doing Their Jobs (VIDEO)

Here's A Cop Actually Doing His Job

Here's an example of how the ubiquity of video cameras can get in the way of police officers trying to do their jobs.

The video above, which was filmed Sunday in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, shows Hamilton Police Constables Mark Morelli and Chantelle Wilson trying to arrest a reluctant 21-year-old woman while she loudly protests.

Hamilton Police spokeswoman Debbie McGreal-Dinning told The Huffington Post the arrest was the result of a "domestic related incident" but would not elaborate.

As the woman writhes on the ground, she loudly complains of her treatment, at one point shouting that she "can't breathe." Some viewers noted that the woman pleads with officers to stand up, but when officers pull her to her feet, she refuses to stand.

The cameraman repeatedly says that police can't treat a "girl" like that, and bystanders can be heard berating the officers for their "disgusting" conduct.

Still, the Canadian constables remain calm and professional while multi-tasking the tense situation. "Ma'am, she's under arrest. I'm doing my best," Morelli responds to one indignant protester.

"I've got this all on video!" the cameraman says. "I hope everyone sees this!" the woman cries.

In an email to HuffPost, Hamilton Chief of Police Glenn De Caire said he was "very proud" and "impressed" by the professionalism of the two officers during the arrest.

"They maintained a calm response, using the appropriate use of force options during a stressful incident," he said.

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