You Must Watch This Gloriously Deranged Canadian Political Ad

Who says Canadians are dull?

Wyatt Scott has swashbuckled his way into our cynical hearts with the most dramatic political advertisement we've ever seen. He's nothing short of a political superhero who will change the way you think about Canadians. And geese.

In this masterpiece of modern filmmaking, Scott rides a gigantic Canada goose, slays a dragon with a sword and vanquishes a marauding robot by shooting lasers out of his eyes. Not even Donald Trump can boast of such feats.

So who is this mystery man? Scott is an independent candidate running for Parliament on a platform of growing Canadian manufacturing and agriculture. He hopes to represent the Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon constituency.

Based on the sheer wonder of this video, we hope Scott becomes the next prime minister. Of the world.