University Attempts To Woo Prospective Students With People Making Out In The Library

College is all about bonfires, concerts, making out in the library and going to games, right? It certainly seems like that's what's going on at the Université de Moncton.

The Canadian university, located in New Brunswick, released a 30-second French language ad that places a lot of emphasis on the more "fun" aspects of college and very little on actually going to class. While it may be appealing to many high schoolers, some others are none to pleased with the message the ad is sending.

"It's the way it's like selling the university, like it's a beer product," said Marie-Noëlle Ryan, president of the university's professors' and librarians' association, according to CBC News. "And it's not that way that you will recruit serious students and people who really want to learn and have good diplomas.”

But UdEm's director of communications and marketing, Marc Angers, defended the ad.

“When you launch an ad campaign there is people that like it, and people that don’t,” Angers told Canada's National Post. “We did [market] testing for a target audience of 16-18 years of age. And the research showed they were looking for lifestyle when they chose a post-secondary education.”

Let's just hope students aren't let down when they don't find themselves swapping spit in the stacks the first week of freshman year.



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