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Winter Style Inspiration From Canadians, Because Who’s Better?

Puffer coats, plaid and toques — aka beanies — are winter staples for these folks.

If there was ever a group of people who know how to dress for cold weather, it’d be Canadians.

It’s true that plenty of states in the U.S. get hit with brutal winters, but folks in Canada always seem to have it a little worse. As a result of dealing with bone-chillingly cold weather for too many months of the year ― it’s often joked that Canada has only two seasons: winter and July ― our neighbors to the north have really mastered the art of bundling up and still looking stylish.

We should point out that there are quite a few unzipped coats and bare ankles shown in these photos, but most of these folks are bloggers, which means getting the perfect shot comes before zipping up or putting socks on. But in their defense, it has been shaping up to be a fairly mild Canadian winter so far.

We’ve rounded up some winter outfit inspiration, care of some of Canada’s top bloggers and stylish individuals. If we’ve learned anything from this fashionable bunch, it’s this: Puffer coats and toques ― aka beanies ― are winter staples, layering is key, and plaid isn’t going anywhere.

Ania Boniecka
Ania Boniecka, the stylish individual behind fashion and lifestyle blog Ania B, shows that a little color can brighten any winter day. She splits her time among Calgary, Toronto and Los Angeles.
Musemo Handahu
Musemo Handahu, the Halifax-based founder of the blog Lion Hunter, doesn’t let the cold Canadian winter stop her from having fun with her wardrobe.
Dani Roche
Dani Roche, the multihyphenate Canadian creative who made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2018, clearly appreciates a good puffer coat.
Erin Elizabeth
Lifestyle blogger Erin Elizabeth demonstrates that a great coat can make an outfit.
Kimberly Lyn
We can’t get enough of this cozy puffer coat on Kimberly Lyn, the Toronto-based blogger behind The Souls of My Shoes. It’s basically like wearing a chic sleeping bag, which is perfect for winter.
Cailli and Sam Beckerman
The Toronto-based twins behind Beckerman Blog are masters of layering.
Erica Wark
As Canadian style expert Erica Wark proves, plaid doesn’t have to be reserved for the holidays.
Amanda Weldon
A classic tailored coat and on-trend beret, as seen on Hamilton-based lifestyle blogger Amanda Weldon (of Below the Blonde), make for a superchic winter ensemble.
Alexander Kenton Liang
There’s nothing like an oversize cozy scarf — like this one on Toronto-based blogger Alexander Kenton Liang — to keep you warm on winter days, even the sunny ones.
Amanda Montgomery
Amanda Montgomery, the Hamilton-based blogger behind The Latest Wrinkle, is a pro at mixing colors.
Dani and Taylor Reynolds
Toronto-based sibling creatives and Dani and Taylor Reynolds combat the winter blues with bright colors and classic puffers.
Kayla Seah
Toronto-based blogger Kayla Seah, the individual behind Not Your Standard, makes a great case for the leopard-print coat.
Sydney Hoffman
There’s nothing like a pop of color, like this fun toque on Toronto-based blogger Sydney Hoffman.
Stephanie and Neal Jolly
Toronto-based creatives Stephanie and Neal Jolly, a blogger and photographer, respectively, have their winter style down pat.
Jodie Blk Lopez
Sometimes you just need to wear all black to combat the miserable cold. As Toronto blogger Jodie Blk Lopez makes clear, it’s no less chic than pops of color. (Bonus points for the extra-long coat, which is key for keeping legs protected from frigid temperatures.)
Christian Thompson
Toronto-based blogger Christian Thompson, the mind behind Christian Confidential, shows you can’t go wrong with classic black and white.
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