You Will Never Be As Happy As This Young Canadiens Fan


Tuesday's Montreal Canadiens-Columbus Blue Jackets game featured one of the most adorable fans you will see in any sport.

This young fan saw that the kid next to him got a puck, so he wanted to get one of his own. That was when Canadiens forward Dale Weise tossed a puck into the stands and made this kid's day, week and maybe year.

Let's break this down a little bit.

First, he tries to get Weise's attention.

And then there's the moment he gets the puck and gives it a little hug. He might never let it go.

"Hey, everyone look at this cool puck I just got!"

And then Brendan Gallagher scared the adorable Canadiens fan.

The kid's reaction is priceless.

Absolutely sensational. The other kid is pretty cute, too. 


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