FINISH HIM: Fighting Kangaroo Pulls Wild Move Right Out Of A Video Game

Two mad marsupials went at it in a Canberra nature reserve.

A couple of kangaroos were caught on camera in a quarrel that quickly got crazy.

It’s not clear what the duo were dueling over in the fight filmed in Australia’s Mount Taylor Nature Reserve, in Canberra’s south.

But one of the roos must have realized it was messing with the wrong marsupial when it was flung through a metal fence in a move that looked like something out of a video game or pro wrestling.

The victor even paused to stare down his fallen foe:

Julian Doak told Storyful he filmed the fight to show family members.

“The two ’roos were having a biffo in front of me and I thought it’d be funny to get a video for family overseas, to show them an average Aussie slice of life,” he was quoted as saying.

He added that the defeated kangaroo was seen “bouncing down the road” later.

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