Canceled TV Shows 2012: Guide To The Futures Of 'Community,' 'Fringe' And More

Will Your Favorite Shows Get The Axe?

Every day we get asked a variation of these questions: "Is this show canceled?" "Is that show coming back?" And as the five broadcast networks (ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS and The CW) look toward their new crop of pilots, these are valid concerns.

Some shows have already been visited by the cancellation grim reaper (we already forgot you, "Work It"); others, like "How I Met Your Mother," have been renewed; some are as good as renewed (like "Glee," for better or for worse); and then there are the rest, like "Community," that find themselves positioned on the dreaded bubble.

To help ease your frazzled, TV-loving minds, HuffPost TV has compiled a gallery featuring more than 100 shows (i.e. everything you could ever hope to find) and where they stand for next season. Shows have been divided by network, in alphabetical order, and labeled as follows:

  • Renewed
  • Likely to be renewed
  • On the bubble
  • As good as dead
  • Canceled

Take a look at the slideshow below for our predicted futures of the hottest shows on network TV. And be sure to bookmark this page because we'll be keeping the list updated as the fates of more shows get decided!

"The Bachelor"

2012 Renewal Index: Canceled, Safe and on the Bubble Shows

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