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Cancer Patients Are Selfish And Un-American (And Jesus & God Think So Too!)

Last time I checked -- this was a proud capitalist country. Founded on the principles of the great Adam Smith. We are all about making money -- not nursing a bunch of malingerers and malcontents.
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How dare they?

How dare people who are careless enough to get cancer -- or Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, AIDS, leukemia, heart disease, multiple sclerosis or other illnesses that give them the excuse to stop working -- have the temerity to think they can burden us decent, law-abiding, God-fearing, tax-paying, gun-toting Americans with their petty problems?!

I mean get real.

The essence of our great country is that we are not a land of communism, socialism or other namby-pamby systems that inflict so-called "fairness" and "equality" on our nation. If God had intended America to be "fair" or "equal", then he would not have permitted slavery and segregation under our constitution. Just because a few liberal politicians and activist judges subsequently enacted some amendments to the original constitution that permitted these so-called "improvements" - doesn't make them or any other changes to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers correct.

So it is with all this foul nonsense about health-care.

Where in the constitution does it say anything about having to provide health-care to a bunch of unhealthy deadbeats? Nowhere!

God and Jesus Christ - who are both fine, upstanding All-American types last time I checked -- were very clear in what they wanted America to be. A CAPITALIST nation. Survival of the fittest. That's the American Way.

And we are also a nation of choice. If people choose to get ill and lounge around at home or in hospitals rather than going to work like decent people -- then that is their choice. But they cannot seriously expect honest tax-payers like us to subsidize their choice.

If you want health-care -- buy it! This isn't the Soviet Union or China where some heart-on-the-sleeve nanny is going to come along and help you because you didn't work hard enough or keep yourself healthy.

Don't like it? Tough cheese buddy! If you really don't like it -- move to Canada or Cuba where that kind of cry-baby stuff is doled out. But don't litter up America with your communistic whining!

Worst of all -- some people have the nerve to suggest that it is the responsibility of health insurance companies to cover everybody! And of drug companies to subsidize sickly citizens!

Last time I checked -- this was a proud capitalist country. Founded on the principles of the great Adam Smith. We are all about making money -- not nursing a bunch of malingerers and malcontents. Corporations don't exist to provide charity to the Great Unwashed!

Corporations have just one responsibility -- and that is to make absolutely the very largest profits possible for the shareholders. Nothing else remotely matters. This is an honorable creed fully endorsed by both Jesus Christ and God. It is even written in the bible. "And lo -- there shall come a great profit unto the land..."

See. Nothing there about wet-nursing the poor and lazy.

And when the noble President Richard Nixon very wisely ushered in the present-day health care system in the early 1970s -- he did it the American Way. He put decent, honest insurance companies and drug corporations in charge. It's a free-for-all. Not a Free For All!

And the evidence that he did the right thing is crystal clear. Those companies are making record profits! If it was the wrong thing to do -- then those companies would be failing and running at a loss.

But those companies prove that we Americans know how to keep things healthy.

Looking for health all you pinkoes? Start with FISCAL health. If all those cancer and heart patients would just pull their finger out and emulate the drug and insurance companies -- instead of whining all the time -- they'd be a lot better off!

So enough of this foolish talk about "public option" and "health-care reform"!

Let's keep health-care just as it is.

Anything else is clearly selfish and un-American...