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Why You Shouldn't Forget About This Insanely Cool Underwater Museum

Instead of diving into an endless train wreck of shots, spring breakers and shallow hotel pools, why not try jumping into the cool blue waters off the coast of Isla Mujeres the next time you're headed to Cancun?

If you're not busy taking in Sian Ka'an or exploring Chichen Itza, head to the Cancun Underwater Museum, which boasts over 460 sculptures by artist Jason de Caires Taylor and a few local artists. This eco-friendly underwater excursion also contains an 8-ton Volkswagon that doubles as a home for crustaceans, a man on fire and an urban reef.

Here are some additional reasons why you should strap on the scuba gear and jump on in:

You'll get to hang out with this dude.
cancun underwater museum

...Or ponder some deep thoughts while penning your latest novel.
cancun underwater museum

You can always get lost in the crowd and "do you."
cancun underwater museum

It's a great way to add spice to those tedious press conferences.
cancun underwater museum

And you can always watch TV if the underwater exercise becomes too much.
cancun underwater museum

But we wouldn't wanna be the person who tells this guy he's got something growing on his chin...
cancun underwater museum

Cancun Underwater Museum