Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Fight With Raven Over Anti-Gay Controversy

The actress argued with Symone on "The View" about a bakery that refused to serve a lesbian couple.

Candace Cameron Bure is "pleased" by how her tiff with Raven Symone over gay rights and religious freedom progressed earlier this month on "The View," she told HuffPost Live on Monday.

To recap, the "Fuller House" actress defended an Oregon bakery convicted of illegally discriminating against a lesbian couple for refusing to bake them a wedding cake, citing religious reasons. Symone, whose retorts were accompanied by frowns and head shakes, was having none of it.

But Bure gives herself a pat on the back for the way she dealt with the debate.

"I was pleased with, you know, how I handled myself," Bure told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, later adding, "I'll always fight for religious freedoms, but I think people misunderstand that when you do fight for religious freedom, in that particular case, it doesn't mean that I personally would always respond the way the people in the case are responding."

Bure said that "even as a Christian," she doesn't know if she would have refused to bake a cake for the lesbian couple. But what's so "incredible" about America, she emphasized, is that everyone deserves the equality and freedom to live how they'd like, including religious discriminators.

"And in the same way if something, you know, conflicts with someone's deeply held religious beliefs, we should have the freedom to not have to deal with that or be associated with it," Bure said. "Just as on the opposite side, they don't have to either. It's, again, what makes our country so wonderful."

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