Five More Reasons To Love Pirelli Calendar's Plus-Size Star Candice Huffine

Five More Reasons To Love Pirelli Calendar's Plus-Size Star Candice Huffine

We've been girl-crushing on Candice Huffine from the moment she landed on the cover of Vogue Italia back in 2011. Now, Yahoo Style has given us a few more reasons to love the gorgeous Pirelli calendar star.

In a new interview with the website, Huffine opens up about everything from how she unwinds to how she really feels about her body. Her candid and authentic responses only make us love her even more, and we think you should, too. Here's why:

She keeps it real.

“I get a lot of messages saying, 'I like how you dress because you have my shape and I never knew how to dress for my shape." People want to know the model as a person. I'm not just a voiceless mannequin."


She's the best of both worlds.

"I'm straddling both worlds and markets. I'm relatable as a bubbly catalog girl next door, but I can fit in seamlessly in the high fashion world."

Her first modeling photos (shot by her mom) sound amazing.

"I am standing in the back of my red pickup truck in bootie shorts and a tank top. I thought I was so fly... a diva in a truck!"

candice two

She loves to sleep just as much as we do.

"I love a glass of wine to unwind, my husband and I have a cozy home. When it's cold we stay at home and have a wooden dartboard and play darts. I'd sleep until noon if it wasn't for my husband waking up so early."

She loves Candice Huffine.

"The point is, I love my body and am happy in it, if me showing it to the world can help other ladies in any way, then game on."

Head to Yahoo Style to see the entire interview.

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