'Candidate Confessional': Stories Of Those Who Ran For Office... And Lost

The losers usually have the best tales to tell.
"Candidate Confessional" asks politicians like Michele Bachmann, Howard Dean, Michael Steele and Wendy Davis what it's like to lose an election.
"Candidate Confessional" asks politicians like Michele Bachmann, Howard Dean, Michael Steele and Wendy Davis what it's like to lose an election.
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Roughly one year ago -- we can’t believe it’s been that long -- we began working on a podcast called "Candidate Confessional." It was a project envisioned as an antidote to our political cynicism.

We wanted in-depth interviews with politicians who would give us more than soundbites and conventional wisdom. So we decided to talk to the those with nothing left to lose: the ones who had already lost.

Each week, we go one-on-one with a politician who came up short on election night -- from former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) to former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.); from former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis (D) to former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R). We interviewed the famous, the not-so-famous and the Internet infamous on what it’s really like to fundraise in the era of Citizens United, to lose by four votes, to run as a black Republican or to be mocked for a Newsweek cover.

You might laugh. You might cry. You might be horrified. Who knows? You might find yourself becoming a bit less cynical. Welcome to "Candidate Confessional."

Series Preview:

Episode 1: Howard Dean on His 2004 Presidential Campaign.

Episode 2: Michele Bachmann on Her 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Episode 3: Mitt Romney's Top Aide on His 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Episode 4: Wendy Davis on Her 2014 Gubernatorial Campaign.

Episode 5: Tim Pawlenty on His 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Episode 6: Michael Steele on His 2006 Senate Campaign.

Episode 7: Ben Konop on Being Mercilessly Booed In His Mayoral Run.

Episode 8: Jack Kingston on the Dangers Of Being Bipartisan.

Episode 9: Newt Gingrich on his 2012 Presidential Campaign

Episode 10: The Guy Who Lost To Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Episode 11: Richard Carmona on His 2012 Senate Campaign

Episode 12: Anthony Weiner on His 2013 Mayoral Campaign

Episode 13: Martin O'Malley on His 2016 Run For The White House

Episode 14: Relive One Of The Closest Election Losses In U.S. History

Episode 15: Jon Huntsman on His Run For The White House in 2012

Episode 16: Clay Aiken on His Run For Congress

Episode 17: Jeb Bush's Communications Director On The 2016 Campaign

Episode 18: Sandra Fluke On Her Run For State Senate

Episode 19: Jesse Jackson On His White House Runs in '84 and '88

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This podcast was produced, edited and engineered by Christine Conetta.

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