Explaining The Logic Behind Candy Corn Hatred

Lovers of this Halloween treat may want to avert their eyes.

It just wouldn't be Halloween season without candy corn: yellow, orange and white decorations, bags lining the aisles of grocery stores, and people arguing over whether it's the best or worst trick-or-treat giveaway.

Candy corn is one of the most polarizing foods of all time -- while some people are die-hard candy corn enthusiasts, it seems like there are just as many people that can't stand this sugary holiday treat. We were curious what exactly these candy corn haters despise about this iconic sweet -- and man, did we get some answers. We've put together what seem to be the top 10 reasons people hate candy corn, complete with everything from birthday party horror stories to creepy children's songs. Do you hate candy corn, or do you love it? Let us know what you think about this Halloween classic in the comments!

They're basically waxy sugar.
via gravityfalls.wikia.com
"They taste like wax that have been mixed with way too much sugar.. I have a bag handy incase the electric goes out I can squish some around a wick and light them up." -- Amy Ren'ee Hawthorn, via Facebook
They get old quickly.
Twitter: Pepper_And_Salt
Pretty much everyone has experienced this phenomenon.
We're bred to hate it from a young age.
Youtube: TheNatZShow
This weird jingle (in which the singer says he'd eat his own feet over candy corn) comes courtesy of Nick Jr.
They can even ruin birthday parties.
via elitedaily.com
"Corn syrup and food coloring. But when I was young, I would eat so much of it at my October birthday party that I would throw up. So three reasons not to like it."-- Karin Olsen, via Facebook
They're the rejects of Trick-or-Treaters everywhere.
Twitter: dcbigjohn
We're not sure if this tweet is suggesting the candy corn or the kids that love candy corn will kill you -- but either way, we agree.
They're demonic.
Twitter: DanKrokos
Okay maybe not really, but this was pretty funny.
It's the dessert equivalent of eating plastic.
via lovethispic.com
"Feels like plastic in your mouth, really sweet plastic."-- Nancy Rierson, via Facebook
It's the quickest way to an uncomfortable sugar high.
Twitter: alucci
Honestly, we're all probably better off just popping straight sugar cubes in our mouths.
Comedians even hate it.
Youtube: Bushrod Jenkins
"But nothing proves just how dumb we are collectively, as a people, than candy corn."
They look like rotted orange teeth.
Twitter: KenBakerNow
Weirdly accurate.

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