Candy Crowley To Host 'State Of The Union' On CNN

Candy Crowley will succeed John King as anchor of CNN's Sunday morning program, "State of the Union."

King announced the selection of Crowley shortly before 10AM ET on-air. He will anchor a 7PM newscast on the network, a replacement for "Lou Dobbs Tonight," which went off the air in November.

"Candy's rare combination of shrewd insight and healthy irreverence for the games politicians play has made her one of the most honored political journalists and a cult figure among CNN viewers," CNN/US President Jon Klein said in an announcement. "Every Sunday she'll translate Washington-speak into plain English that every American can understand, as she has been doing better than any reporter on the beat for decades."

"To me, Sunday morning is a sweet spot--a weekly meeting place to bring the hopes, worries and questions of everyday Americans I talk with along the campaign trail to the people I talk with in the Corridors of Power," Crowley said. "Add to those conversations, interviews with A-team experts and international heavyweights making sense of global issues and what you have is interesting, relevant information. I can't wait."

Crowley will inherit a markedly smaller "State of the Union," which will go from a four-hour block (including an hour for "Reliable Sources") to a one-hour show. Crowley will anchor "State of the Union" at 9AM with "Fareed Zakaria GPS" following at 10AM. Howard Kurtz's "Reliable Sources" will air at 11AM, and an updated edition of "State of the Union" will air at noon.

"Our senior political correspondent is without peer," King said in announcing Crowley. "An experienced, dogged reporter, a poetic writer, a gifted leader and mentor. And beginning next Sunday, Candy Crowley will have the privilege and the pleasure of leading our Sunday conversation. Welcome."