There Are More People Playing 'Candy Crush' Than There Are People Living In Australia (MAP)

More People Play 'Candy Crush' Than Live In These Places

King Digital Entertainment, the developer behind the immensely popular "Candy Crush Saga" mobile game, has announced plans to go public, and its F-1 form reveals quite a few interesting nuggets of information.

The form, filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, contains facts and figures for potential investors, including the number of Daily Active Users (DAUs) for each of King's five mobile games: "Candy Crush Saga," "Pet Rescue Saga," "Farm Heroes Saga," "Papa Pear Saga" and "Bubble Witch Saga." The most impressive of these games is hands down "Candy Crush Saga," which has more than 93 million active users per day.

To put that number into perspective, we checked the populations of a few places to see how their number of residents measured up against the "population" of "Candy Crush." As it turns out, there are more people playing "Candy Crush Saga" every day than there are people living in France (65.7 million), the United Kingdom (63.2 million), Germany (81.9 million), Canada (34.8 million), or the entire continent of Australia (22.6 million). In fact, there are only 12 countries with populations greater than the 93 million players who swipe virtual sweets for points every day.

That's a heck of a lot of candy.

Check out the map below to see which 12 countries still have "Candy Crush Saga" fans beat (orange) and how many countries are dwarfed by the game's impressive user numbers (red).

candy crush map

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