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This Genius Put Candy In His Ice Machine, Creating A Frozen Candy Dispenser

Frozen sweets are better treats.

Just ask Redditor dericpeace, who knocked the Internet out cold with a stroke of genius this week when he decided to fill his ice machine with lots and lots of candy.

He turned off the ice-making function, waited for the sugary confections to freeze a little -- and voilà! An ice-cold “candy jackpot” machine was born.

“[The idea] literally just came to me the other night,” dericpeace wrote on Reddit of his ingenious kitchen hack. “I don't really use the ice maker for ice … but when I poured in the first batch of Reese's cups, and they just poured out like I hit the candy jackpot, I was beside myself. I love candy, I love making things easier, and making non-useful things (to me) more so.”

Within hours of being uploaded to YouTube, the video of this DIY frozen candy dispenser had racked up more than 640,000 views, and netizens everywhere applauded the creator.

“This guy is a legend ,” declared one YouTuber Wednesday

“My god, this changes EVERYTHING!” wrote another.

It really does.

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