The One Recipe You Need To Make With All That Halloween Candy

Candy-loaded popsicles!

Come Nov. 1, many of us are overloaded with candy. Whether that loot is a result of an epic trick-or-treating session or you have a bowl of leftover candy that was meant for trick-or-treaters who never showed, knowing what to do with all those treats can be a challenge.

If we've learned anything from Halloweens past, it's a bad idea to let it sit in your kitchen, tempting you to eat a handful every day. Nope, instead you should make that candy into something great to share with friends and loved ones. There are more recipes to make with Halloween candy than there are kinds of candy, but we've found THE recipe everyone should be making this year. Folks, let us introduce you to the late-night snacksicle by food blogger How Sweet It Is.

Her recipe calls for a delicious popsicle base made with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, half and half and graham cracker crumble. Then, you just fill up popsicle molds up with whatever leftover candy (and salty snacks) you have on hand and freeze. So simple, and so good.

You want these beauties in your freezer, trust us. Now, go get the recipe.

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