Candy Crash: Truck Full Of Sweets Overturns In Highway Road Rage Incident

Police blamed careless driving... not a sugar high.

Well, this brings a whole new meaning to the term snaccident. 

Dashcam footage released on Wednesday has captured the moment a truck carrying candy overturned in New Jersey after an apparent road rage incident earlier this month.

The footage, which was released by Mahwah Police Department, shows the truck flipping on its side after the driver of an SUV merged in front of the vehicle in an attempt to slow it down.

Mahwah’s chief of police, James Batelli, told the New York Post that the driver of the SUV had claimed to have seen the trucker driving aggressively and recklessly and “decided to take the matter in his own hands and slow the tractor trailer down to prevent any type of accident.”

The North Jersey Record reports that the driver of the truck then lost control, hitting the median and overturning.

While the only victim of the crash was the unfortunate candy, Mahwah Police have stressed that the incident shows the dangers of road rage.

“Miraculously, no other vehicles struck the tractor-trailer, which could have resulted in a major accident event,” Batelli said.

The driver of the truck was issued summonses for careless driving, failure to maintain and failure to signal, while the driver of the SUV was issued summonses for reckless driving, failure to maintain lanes, failure to signal and delaying traffic.