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(Ca)Nine Reasons An Office Dog Is Good For Business

Here Are CaNINE Reasons An Office Dog is Good For Business
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For some time now experts have hailed the health benefits of having an office dog. Now, Professor Paul Zak, neuroeconomics professor at Claremont Graduate University in California is taking it a step further saying that an office dog can in fact create a rise in profits.

This is good news for my daughter, Catherine and I who run a media management company. Business is very good but, like any new company, there have been a lot of unexpected costs, so it's good to know that our office dog, Bailey, is an asset rather than a deficit.

Our chocolate lab is also a health boost. While we stress out over deadlines, edits and clients, Bailey's only concern is exactly how and when he's likely to be on the receiving end of his next biscuit. His laid-back attitude serves as a healthy reminder that there is absolutely no point in having a nervous breakdown over things you can't change.

The fact is, Bailey is a vital member of Team Carillo. Available to play with during our lunch breaks, on hand to cuddle following a work crisis, there to cry on when we're having a particularly tough day. As to being a profit booster, I can only hope that Professor Zak is accurate in his prediction and that this time next year we, along with our clients, will be sunning ourselves in the Maldives!

Here Are CaNINE Reasons An Office Dog is Good For Business

1. PROFIT BOOSTER: According to scientists studies show that employees become more trusting, relaxed and nicer towards each other after interacting with a canine which can improve productivity and profits.

2. STRESS BUSTER. Playing with a dog can reduce stress by up to a third according to experts.

3. HE HELPS US KEEP IT SIMPLE. It's easy to get tangled up in clumsy language when you're writing a pitch or a press release. When I find myself getting too wordy, I just look at Bailey and imagine I'm pitching the project to him. I simplify, and it's all the better for it.

4. GETTING AHEAD THROUGH A PAT ON THE HEAD. People don't always appreciate what you do for them, but my dog is another story. If I'm feeling low I give Bailey's head a friendly pat, and his wagging tail restores my energy.

5. HE ACCEPTS BLAME BEAUTIFULLY. Missing documents, coffee spills, pens that run out of matter what the problem is, we can blame it on Bailey. It sure beats yelling at each other, and this lab never holds a grudge.

6. SOURCE OF IDEAS. You'd be amazed at how many great ideas I've had while taking Bailey on his daily walks. That's something I wouldn't be doing if I didn't have a dog.

7. HE DOESN'T MIND WORKING ODD HOURS. I've had great ideas in the middle of the night and gone to my office in my pajamas to write them down while they're hot. Bailey is right there at my ankles, and he never hits me for overtime.

8. HE REDUCES OUR CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE. Cupcakes, cookies, sandwiches. Our input is cut dramatically due to a dribbling lab with whom we are forced to share. It's win-win for the three of us.

9. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. No matter how well or poorly the day goes, Bailey's love is something we can rely on. In an increasingly unreliable world, that's a lot to be thankful for.