The Essential Kitchen Tool You'll Need To Make Cannabis Edibles

To make cannaoil or cannabutter, these infusers make decarboxylation a whole lot easier.
Want to make pot brownies? You'll need some cannabutter for that.
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Want to make pot brownies? You'll need some cannabutter for that.

If marijuana is legal in your state, you may be ready to try a whole new kind of baking. Whether you’re feeling basic and making the perfect weed brownie or you’re up for something more advanced like gnocchi in ganja butter, the base of most good cannabis-infused recipes starts with either cannaoil (cannabis-infused oil) or cannabutter (the same thing, but made with butter).

These foundational ingredients require a bit of care to make, if you actually want to get high. In order for the chemical compounds in marijuana to interact with your brain’s receptors, you need something called decarboxylation to occur by heating it to just the right temperature, for just the right amount of time. This converts tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), which is naturally found in weed, into tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for most of the plant’s psychological effects.

If this sounds too much like science lab for you to bother with, that’s where cannabis cooking gadgets come in handy. Sure, you could make cannaoil and cannabutter with your stove, oven and a great deal of attention, but there are devices on the market that offer the precision and temperature control that will perfectly execute decarboxylation to preserve the flavor profile and potency of the cannabis.

If the sale and purchase of marijuana has been legalized where you live, consider these gadgets to help your baking quest.

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Levo II
This is sort of the Cadillac of cannabis infusers. It looks almost like a Keurig on your countertop, and it'll do all the work for you — drying, activating and infusing butter and oil without any decision-making on your part. It's one of the most coveted products for at-home cannabis cooks.

Get the Levo II for $299.99
Magical Butter Machine
This is a popular pick for bakers, and the device easily manages temperatures and even does the stirring for you. It'll make 2-5 cups of infused butter or oil.

Get the Magical Butter Machine for $199.95
Ardent FX
Also known as the "Easy Bake" Ardent, this all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen will let you infuse and bake just about anywhere. It's touted as being a great combination for cannabis beginners and experts alike.

Get the Ardent FX infuser for $350
Active Gear Guy Infuser Machine
If you're looking for something on the lower end of the price spectrum, this is it. For a slightly lower cost, it'll still make all your favorite edibles, while still including the necessary decarb feature.

Get the Active Gear Guy Infuser Machine for $122.99

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