Cannes 2009: Chat With Award-Winning Director Xavier Dolan (Video)

Cannes 2009: Chat With Award-Winning Director Xavier Dolan (Video)
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One of the big discoveries of the festival was Xavier Dolan, the 20 year old writer, director and star of I Killed My Mother. The film won three major awards at the Directors Fortnight and is already guaranteed to be playing at the Toronto Film Festival and -- if the rumours are true -- will probably be invited to the New York Film Festival as well before opening commercially. I've got a full length profile of Dolan that should run on The Advocate website in the next few days. Come back here to find a direct link when it goes up or just keep checking out The Advocate's website.

Until then, here's a clip for cineastes with the Montreal-based Dolan talking about the visual style he used in his very funny but brutal debut. We were chatting at the private beach of the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, so the sound in the background is the crashing surf. Ce qui charme!

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