Canson Wet Paint Grant Recipient: Ryan De La Hoz (PHOTOS)

The work of Ryan De La Hoz exists in a very particular world, a world comprising haunting, nostalgic paper cut-outs and drawings that look like a spooky cartoon reduced to a minimum of expression. Delicate flowers, leaves and skeleton gloves contrast with gaping holes filled with dizzying Op-Art to create a landscape that seems like Tim Burton got together with Henri Matisse to make their own paradise. The works are so simplified they leave it up to viewers to project their own narrative on the scene. We each have our own idea of where each ladder leads, and what is hiding behind those geodes and mounds of slime. The compositions are mysteriously devoid of humans, yet laced with the shadows of human characters.

Read more about De La Hoz at Beautiful/Decay.

Ryan De La Hoz
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