Can’t Stop the Playing: Top Trolls Toys

A whole new generation of kids is about to dive into a seriously tall updo.

The iconic Trolls are back with as much spunk, style, and piles of furry up-combs than ever before. Trolls is the second DreamWorks Animation musical film ever, and the movie follows an upbeat princess, Poppy, and the grumpy Branch as they leave their village to embark on a quest to save the Trolls from the Bergens. As one of the most anticipated reboots of the year, toy companies have created lines of figures, plush, and more that are fun, colorful, and filled with as much personality as the Trolls characters have hair.

The musical comedy’s soundtrack includes original songs from Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, and more, so almost all of these toys will feature sounds and music from the movie. Check out all of our favorites below, and cue playing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on repeat until Nov. 4:

There’s always time for a hug for this perfectly named Troll! When kids press Poppy’s tummy, she will speak one of 25 phrases or sing songs from the film, proving that Poppy truly is the happiest Troll of all the Trolls. The doll also comes with a tiara, a comb to brush her hair in fun and silly ways, and a matching interactive bracelet for kids to wear. When activated, their matching bracelets and the doll’s hair all light up to the beat of the music.

The gang’s all here! Poppy features stylable hot pink hair and flower headband; Branch has wild blue hair and cool blue body; Guy Diamond features his signature glitter body and white hair; and the pre-stuffed Cooper has a full coat of hair. And—in true Build-A-Bear Workshop fashion—kids can style their Trolls using accessories, costumes, and sound chips (with songs from the movie) to be unique just like them. Build-A-Bear Workshop also offers backpack clips and outfits and accessories for other furry friends. Kids can either build their own Trolls plush at a local Build-A-Bear Workshop store, or order them online.

Sit back, relax, and throw your hair in the air like you just don’t care! This 6V vehicle is hot pink with a purple windshield, seat, and steering wheel. The hood ornament—my favorite part—features Poppy with her luscious Troll hair. The coupe has a working horn with racing sounds, working multicolor headlights, pedal acceleration, and drives up to 2.5 mph. With an MP3 input and loudspeakers, kids can blast their favorite Trolls jams while they’re driving.

Time to rock ‘n Troll! Kids can belt out solo or with their friends to create the ultimate music video with this recording microphone. Connect an MP3 player or other audio device to record up to four songs at a time to sing along to any song, or rock out to the built-in song “Get Back Up Again.” The Trolls-themed app lets kids decorate their selfies with stickers, animations, Troll hair, and more.

Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit (Crayola)

Arguably almost as sparkly as Guy Diamond himself, this kit gives kids all the tools they need to color and craft using characters such as Poppy, Satin and Chenile, and more. It comes with 64 crayons, 12 short colored pencils, 20 super tips markers, three tubes of glitter glue, a glitter sticker sheet, scrapbooking paper, and line art. The best part? The kit also doubles as a brilliant, durable storage case with a handle for on-the-go fun!

Trolls Mega Keychains (Zuru)

The nostalgia hits hard with this one. Kids can take their favorite characters with them everywhere with these pint-sized keychains and crazy hair. The 8-inch plush keychains are soft and can clip anywhere, from backpacks to keys. Each one of these characters comes with an exclusive comb, so kids can style their iconic mane in different ways.

Kids are about to be as stylish as the Trolls themselves! Kids can show off their style with this glittery messenger bag that they color and customize to fit their personality. The kit comes with five fabric markers and six peel-and-stick gemstones for kids to make their bag uniquely theirs. Can’t stop the coloring!

Dreamworks Trolls Hair-ific Headphones (eKids)

Now, kids can look just like Poppy as they’re singing along with their favorite catchy tunes from the movie. These bright pink headphones are adjustable and feature a built-in volume limiter to make listening safe for little ears.

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