'Cantinflas' Trailer Promises A Sentimental Look Back At The Comedy Giant

"Cantinflas" will be back on the big screen.

Pantelion Studios acquired the rights to distribute the Spanish-language biopic about Mexico's favorite comedian in May, according to Variety. Now the trailer for the film -- with subtitles in English -- has been released, causing more excitement over the awaited movie.

The biopic received rave reviews at the Cannes International Film Festival, according to Lossip. The film details the life of the beloved Mexican actor Mario Moreno, also known as Cantinflas. It follows the comedian from his start as a boxer to finally discovering his comedic talent and becoming a professional comic actor.

Moreno was a beloved Mexican comic actor who was often compared to Charlie Chaplin, the British funny man is said to have once stated: "He's the greatest comedian alive!" after watching one of Cantinflas' Mexican films, according to The New York Times.

Cantinflas, who passed away in 1993, was known in the U.S. for his Golden Globe-winning role in "Around The World In 80 Days" in 1956. But the actor starred in dozens of Mexican films and is still one of the country's most beloved personalities.

"Cantinflas" was directed by Sebastian Del Amo and stars Oscar Jaenada in the title role. The film is set to premiere on August 29th.

Watch the trailer for "Cantinflas" above.