Cantor Bows To Rush: "This Is Not A Listening Tour" (VIDEO)

Cantor Bows To Rush: "This Is Not A Listening Tour" (VIDEO)

Rep. Eric Cantor led a much-publicized GOP listening tour this past weekend -- or so we all thought.

"What we're trying to do here today is kick off a series of town hall forums so that we can get back to listening to the people," Cantor told CNN on Sunday morning as he kicked off the rebranding effort.

"Listening to people can make a difference," declared Mitt Romney while sitting on stage with Cantor during the first event. "That's what we're talking about here, we're listening to people."

Fellow GOP luminary Jeb Bush sounded like an echo: "I'm actually optimistic [about the future], if we have the humility to start listening and learning..."

But then Rush Limbaugh spoke up. "We do not need a listening tour," the conservative radio king made clear on Monday. "We need a teaching tour. That is what the Republican Party, or, slash, the conservative movement needs to focus on. Listening tour ain't it."

And so it was on Wednesday morning, when Eric Cantor appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe, that he cleared the matter up. "You know, Joe, really, this is not a listening tour."

We've put together a little video compilation so you can watch the change occur in high-speed:

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