Cantor Defends Britney Concert Attendance: Not An Issue Whatsoever

Cantor Defends Britney Concert Attendance: Not An Issue Whatsoever

Rep. Eric Cantor is unimpressed with all the uproar over the revelation that he attended a Britney Spears concert while President Barack Obama convened the second primetime news conference of his presidency.

"I don't know why that's an issue whatsoever," said the House Minority Whip. "There was a concert and I had a political event at that concert. Look, that is why I was there."

In an interview with The Takeaway, Cantor was first asked about the charge that he and the GOP were short on ideas -- essentially waiting out the economic crisis so that it would tar the president and the Democratic Party.

"That is so far from the truth and absolutely untrue," he replied. "Even the President has said the GOP has no ideas, we're rejectionist. He knows better than that. I personally handed Barack Obama our plan on the stimulus. We will unveil our budget plan throughout this process, this week and next in Washington. We will have a plan on energy. We will have a plan on health care. We are committed to being a constructive voice in Congress that's going to reflect the mainstream in this country."

The host then noted that Politico "is making a bid deal about the fact that you showed up at the Britney Spears concert." He later told Cantor to not "feel bad about it. Your daughters would probably be thrilled, if you have daughters."

Replied the Virginia Republican: "I think my daughter really was mad that she wasn't there."

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