The 'Naked City' Of Cap D'Agde, France's Naturist Resort Heaven

Welcome To France's 'Naked City'

The beautiful French Mediterranean resort town of Cap d'Agde isn't just any other Med resort. Au contraire. Oui, you can frolic in the sea, eat fresh food and enjoy a bumpin' nightlife. Or, you can head on over the nudist area of the town and strip on down with your fellow naturists and enjoy a life of leisure al fresco.

The town, which has a nickname of "the naked city", is trafficked by about 40,000 people a day come the warm summer months. Why? Because the entire town--not just the beach where nudity is technically mandatory--is nudist. Yup, you can go shopping, eating, hell, even banking, nude here, as long as you pay the entrance fee.

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