Timeline Of 220 Years Of Capitol Hill Construction, Growth Depicted In Animated Video

If ever you wondered what the construction of buildings on and around Capitol Hill would look like if depicted in "The Sims," wonder no more.

An animated video by Architect of the Capitol released Tuesday depicts the growth of the Capitol Hill area since 1793, when construction began on the U.S. Capitol Building, up until the completion last and most recent addition to the area, the Capitol Visitor Center in 2008. In just over three minutes, AOC provides a "visual timeline" of the area that is awesomely interesting.

The video has no sound, but the lone comment on the video, as of July 17 at 3:30 p.m., asks, "Can you add in the theme for Game of Thrones? That would be perfect!"

We agree that that would be fantastic. DCist took the suggestion to heart and paired the theme song with the AOC video. No matter what you listen to, prepare for an epic construction montage.



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