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These Views Can Be Yours With One Hot Air Balloon Ride

It could take a while to walk through Turkey's transcendental forest of fairy chimneys -- rock formations formed by ancient volcanic eruptions -- so we recommend hopping aboard the wicker basket of a hot air balloon and floating over them, instead.

Torches roar at early dawn every day in Cappadocia, lifting visitors in balloons high over the pillars of Göreme National Park and the subterranean cities therein, where people have lived for more than a thousand years in what UNESCO describes as the "world's most striking and largest cave-dwelling complexes."

What started as volcanic ash eventually turned to tuff, or soft rock, which has eroded over time, leaving layers of harder rock to balance on top.

Because of its location on a dry plateau in central Turkey, Frommer's recommends booking your flight in April, May, September and October to avoid summer's heat and crowds. But we think it'd be incredible to see this place frosted with snow.

Should you need further convincing, scroll through the photos below.

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