CapsulePen: The Pill Case James Bond Would Love

Modern medicine has enabled even some serious conditions and diseases to be treated with a handful of pills. But what about the embarrassment or stigma that can come from carrying them around and popping them in public? Enter the CapsulePen, a new, discreet case to organize and carry pills that is currently fundraising on Kickstarter.

True to its name, the pen-shaped capsule has a magnetized top capable of holding up to seven different large pills. The magnetic caps each feature a different day of the week and can be attached to surfaces in places like your kitchen or bathroom for easy storage and visibility. Considering its slender size, seven CapsulePen’s can fit together easily in a bag for a trip. The founder of the CapsulePen is Joseph Cote, an entrepreneur who has also founded the websites and

"At the pace that we live, we demand things that fit neatly into our lives and actually help instead of hinder our goal of becoming healthier," Cote said in a press release. "It just makes sense." The Kickstarter campaign for CapsulePen will run through July 1, with a fundraising goal of $15,000. Cote has raised $7,600 with 30 days left to reach his initial goal. The product will eventually be available through

"We’re constantly looking for new ideas and new markets," Cote said. "This is just the start of new ways of solving everyday problems in simple, clean, elegant ways."