15 Secrets That'll Change How You See 'Captain America: Civil War'

Yeah, Spider-Man was edited out of the trailers.

Every once in a while a movie comes around that punches all other superhero movies in their perfect teeth.

(Uh, yeah, we just said that, dude. #TeamCaptainAmerica all the way.)

Unlike some other blockbusters that have us wondering, "Why so serious?" the latest installment in the Marvel universe weaves an intricate Spidey web of humor, tragedy, twists and multiple storylines all in one.

Actor Sebastian Stan told us fans will be "torn" after watching the movie and learning everyone's motivations because what you've seen in the trailer is just the "tip of the iceberg."

With that in mind, we chatted with the cast, directors and writers, and here are all the secrets that may totally change how you see the latest "Captain America" installment:

(Warning! Some spoilers!)

1. Yeah, Spider-Man was edited out of scenes in the trailer.

If your spidey senses were tingling during the airport scene from the trailer, you were definitely on to something. The scene in the movie reveals Spider-Man is actually in the shot, running alongside Team Iron Man.

Directors the Russo brothers chatted with us about the changed trailer scenes. Joe Russo said that decision was made to simply "leave some surprises for the audience." His co-director/brother, Anthony Russo, credits Disney with the idea to present the movie different ways at different stages.

2. The Black Panther's stuntman passed out while doing the airport scene.

Hawkeye, aka Jeremy Renner, told us Black Panther's stuntman passed out while performing stunts in the heat for the airport fight.

"Yeah, he fainted. I think he had three masks on that Black Panther cowl thing, so he can't breathe through it, and he was doing all these amazing nimble gymnastic flips, and he had to do it over and over again. It was pretty rough," said Renner.

3. Everything was on the table from the start, even killing off Captain America.


Those "Captain America" death rumors may not be so far off. The Russo brothers told us "everything was on the table" from the beginning, including killing off Cap, which happens in the comic version of "Civil War."

4. There's history between the Black Widow and Winter Soldier we haven't seen yet.

On possible future stories, Stan told us he wants to see more of the relationship between Black Widow and Winter Soldier.

"I would definitely love for there to be an opportunity in the future where the story between the Winter Soldier and Black Widow is explored. To me, the Winter Soldier as we find him in the MCU is not how he started out. I mean, the truth of the matter is he actually went on to have a different kind of life. He was almost a different person, and there's a history there with Black Widow because technically he trained her," said Stan.

5. Jeremy Renner thought his fight with Vision was ridiculous.


Renner said his character was quick to come out of "pseudo retirement" and starts things off with the most impractical fight ever.

"I got to do a little more with Vision, like a one-on-one fight, which is ridiculous," he said with a laugh, since Vision is one of the most powerful characters and Hawkeye's "superpower" is, you know, a knack for archery.

6. The Black Panther and Spider-Man post-credit scenes only affect this movie.

The Russo brothers told us the fact that Spider-Man and Black Panther have solo movies coming up was the reason for going with post-credit scenes for those two characters. They also told us there was "never a discussion" about how they were doing the scenes with the directors of those solo films. Unlike how "Ant-Man" borrowed a scene from "Civil War" for its post-credits, the Russos say the Black Panther and Spider-Man films can choose to use or brush over what they've included in the post-credits.

"The cool thing about Marvel is they're not so much about pushing things forward as they are about honoring what happened and then letting every movie figure out how they want to move forward," said Anthony Russo.

7. Scarlet Witch is so emo so she won't tear everyone apart.


There's a big reason Scarlet Witch rocks black nail polish and probably listens to Dashboard Confessional. If she didn't have all these emotions, it wouldn't even be fair.

Olsen said, "It’s something we talked about a lot because the truth is, and what’s hard about her character, is that she’s limitless. And the only thing that gets in her way is herself. So you have to create some journey that has an inner conflict in order for her to not overpower everyone."

8. That Hulk movie is now canon.


With the addition of William Hurt to the cast, reprising his role from "The Incredible Hulk," does this mean that movie is now canon?

"It does, yeah," said Joe Russo. He continued, "The character has been slightly reinvented based on a heart attack he’s had prior to the events of this movie, which has allowed him to go through a little bit of a personality change from that film, but we thought it was invaluable to have an actor of his caliber in the universe, and we knew we needed a government baddie in the movie, so why not get an Oscar winner?"

9. All Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch moves are choreographed.

"The most fun is the movement. I have so much fun doing it, figuring out the choreography. We do not improvise. We really plan everything out. It's a lot of fun moving your body in different ways and making things up and pretending whatever you're doing has true strength and power behind it," said Olsen.

10. Wasp and Hulk were cut from the original scripts.


Writer Stephen McFeely, who revealed to HuffPost that a Hulk post-credit scene was cut from the movie, said Wasp was in the original script as well.

McFeely said, "We certainly had a draft where both Ant-Man and Wasp were recruited, but then when they come in that's a lot of story there, and you can't just let Paul Rudd do what we need him to do in that section, which is look at it from wide open innocent eyes and appreciate the Avengers from the outside."

He added, "It’s not that Wasp wouldn't also have that opinion maybe, but we have not seen her be a hero at all, so that's an example of where we think we'd be drinking someone's milkshake."

11. The Black Panther post-credit scene is pivotal.

"The Black Panther tag specifically for us was a way to sew up those storylines in the movie. The Black Panther goes through an amazing arc in this film. He gets to the point where he lays down vengeance and he recognizes the fact that he's been hunting one guy and been fighting the other guy -- meaning, Cap -- for the whole movie, and he wants to make amends for that," said Anthony Russo.

12. The Vision/Scarlet Witch ARE NOT IN LOVE ... yet.


Unlike their comic versions, Scar-Witch and Vision are not in love in the Marvel movies ... yet, anyway.

"We've always played with it. There's something that connects them, and we don't want it to be because in the comic books they are in love. We just want there to be some pure connection between the two of them. I don't know the plan for later, but that is an important relationship and friendship within this film," said Olsen.

13. The Spider-Man intro was written the day after the writers knew they could have him.

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Writer Christopher Markus told us Spider-Man's intro was "essentially" written the day after he was confirmed for the movie.

"We always knew we wanted him very young, as young as we could get him, and we always knew that Tony Stark was going to go get him, and we wrote a version of that, that's basically just been pretty smallish variations on that original script," said Markus.

14. Working with Vision was ... really gross.


Olsen told us that Vision's makeup would sometimes melt onto her, but the grossest story about Paul Bettany's character comes from the Russo brothers.

"We were shooting much of that airport sequence on a backlot outside in Atlanta in the summer, so we had our poor stunt people and our actors out full costume fighting," said Anthony.

"We took the temp of the blacktop a couple days. It was anywhere between 120 to 130 degrees. It was brutal," added Joe.

Anthony said, "There was this one moment where we had Vision, and we had these big cranes, and we put Paul Bettany up on these wires. He's hanging there, and he's just baking in the sun. It's horrible, and we were all trying to do the best we can, and he's a trouper. There's one moment, and his makeup and his headgear and everything is so thick right? So Joe and I are under him and he sort of turns his head and sweat spouts out of his suit like a fountain. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. It was terrible. It was nuts."

Yeah, it was gross.

15. There's a big reason Giant-Man doesn't die.

A giant-sized character ends up being killed in the "Civil War" comic, but other than the fact that Paul Rudd is hella funny, and there's another "Ant-Man" movie on the way, there was a pretty big reason his character didn't meet the same fate after getting super-sized.

"In the comic book, that guy died because they literally blow a gigantic hole in him, you know? And it’s shocking, and you go, 'That guy's really, really, really dead.' I don't think it'd be a level of gore you could have when you blow a gigantic hole in a 100-foot man. It would probably take it out of the PG-13 area," said Markus.

But, hey, don't worry, Paul Rudd. With the recent success of R-rated superhero movies, who knows? Maybe that big death scene could still happen ...

"Captain America: Civil War" is in theaters now.

Clarification: In the comics, Goliath is the super-sized character killed. However, at times both Ant-Man and Bill Foster, aka Goliath, are known as Giant-Man.

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